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Company culture

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Corporate culture, or organizational culture, is an organization's unique cultural image composed of its values, beliefs, rituals, symbols, and ways of doing things.

Corporate philosophy-"Brands-we create the future"

Brand (Brand) is an identification mark, a spiritual symbol, a value concept, and the core manifestation of excellent quality. The process of cultivating and creating a brand is also a process of continuous innovation. With its own innovation power, it can stand invincible in the fierce competition, and then consolidate the original brand assets, and participate in the competition at multiple levels, angles and fields.A brand is an intangible asset that brings a premium to the owner and generates added value. Its carrier is a name, term, symbol, symbol or design and combination of products and services that distinguish it from other competitors' products or services. The source comes from the impression of consumers on their carrier.

Entrepreneurial spirit --- "Pragmatic innovation modest and prudent"

Enterprise spirit refers to the spirit of the enterprise member group formed by the company based on its specific characteristics, tasks, purposes, era requirements and development directions, and through careful training. The spirit of enterprise must be reflected through the conscious practice of all employees in the enterprise. Therefore, it is the externalization of the concept awareness and enterprising mentality of enterprise employees. Enterprise spirit is the core of corporate culture and plays a dominant role in the entire corporate culture. Enterprise spirit is based on values and driven by value goals, and plays a decisive role in business management philosophy, management systems, moral customs, group awareness and corporate image.

Group consciousness --- "stretch out your hands and hold up a better tomorrow"

Groups are organizations, and group consciousness refers to the collective ideas of members of the organization. Group consciousness is an important psychological factor in the formation of internal cohesion. The formation of corporate group consciousness enables each employee of the enterprise to regard their work and behavior as an integral part of achieving corporate goals, making them proud of themselves as members of the enterprise, and giving them a sense of honor for their achievements Think of an enterprise as a community and ownership of its own interests. Therefore, they will work hard to achieve their goals and consciously overcome behaviors that are inconsistent with their goals.

Corporate Mission-"Serving the Society and Leading Scientific and Technological Progress"

Corporate mission refers to the role and responsibility that an enterprise should play in social and economic development. It refers to the fundamental nature of an enterprise and the reasons for its existence. It describes the business areas and business ideas of the enterprise, and provides a basis for the establishment of corporate goals and the formulation of strategies. The mission of the enterprise shall explain the scope and level of activities of the enterprise in the entire socio-economic field, and specifically describe the identity or role of the enterprise in socio-economic activities. It includes the content of the company's business philosophy, corporate purpose and corporate image.