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Technical Support

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Product selection serviceProfessional technical service team is good at solving product selection, product information consultation, product application and other issues, and provides you with product technical support services and "Product Selection Plan".

Customized solutionsThink what you think and give you what you need. You only need to provide technical specifications or drawings of the products, and we are willing to provide you with special customized solutions. 

TrainingWe are willing to provide you with training services, explain the technical characteristics and application knowledge of the product, and escort you for deeper research and development, design and use of the product.

Customer HotlineYou can contact us by email or customer service hotline, we are willing to be your trusted partner.E-mail: Customer Service Hotline: 086-577-62702128

Product warranty periodSince the date of purchase, the warranty period is 12 months. During the warranty period, it is a quality problem. You can contact the sales department or regional general agent to get a satisfactory answer.

Regular return visit systemWe establish a regular return visit system for you to ensure communication and communication with you.Establish a return visit liaison system to record your usage, suggestions, opinions, etc. We will improve the quality of our services according to the return visits, meet your needs, and make the best of our services.