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Analysis of how to maintain terminals in winter

Datetime: 2019-12-17    Visit: 1270
The terminal, as a component connecting the battery to the external conductor, plays an important role in current life and production. It is indispensable in many products that require a battery. For some basic knowledge about the terminal, the universal copper connector brings you how to winter Sharing of maintenance terminals, I hope to help you.

Winter is a time when terminal failures occur frequently. Only through good maintenance can you reduce equipment failures. Please pay attention. During the maintenance of the high-voltage terminal block in winter, pay attention to the temperature of the terminal installation environment, and regularly clean the dust in the terminal block to ensure that the cooling air path is unobstructed. Strengthen inspection to improve the wiring environment of terminal blocks, motors and circuits.

Terminal maintenance can be performed as follows:

1. Generally, the terminal press guide rail should be lubricated with oil every 1-2 hours, and the filling hole should be on the top of the terminal machine.

2. The operator must clean the machine daily to remove dust and excess oil from the surface of the machine.

3. The main bearing of the terminal should be coated with butter every week: the general copper joint company claims to open the back cover of the terminal, remove the clamping spring of the driven pulley, and pat the pulley with butter (evenly coated on the surface of the high-speed bearing) to recover (note : During the removal of the pulley). Pay attention to the loss of bearing balls. The application of the terminal block is mainly reflected in: in power electronic circuits, where the shielding equipment and the out-of-screen equipment are connected, there must be some special terminals. These terminals are called a terminal block. The function of the terminal line is to connect the circuit between the screen device and the out-of-plane device and transmit signals (current and voltage). Adopt terminal block, beautiful wiring and easy maintenance. Reliable long-distance line connection, convenient construction and maintenance.

Matters needing attention in the normal use of the terminal

1. During the operation, if the machine is abnormal, turn off the power, and immediately request maintenance personnel to perform maintenance and debugging.

2. Unauthorized personnel are strictly forbidden to debug and disassemble mechanical parts.

3. During work, the power of the machine is not disconnected. It is forbidden to enter the punching area with fingers or any part of the body to avoid accidents at work.

4. If you need to leave your job, you must turn off the power before leaving.

5. When replacing the terminal, the power must be disconnected first, and then replaced. During the operation of the machine, it is forbidden to replace the terminals.

6. In operation, if there is a terminal card in the mold, the universal copper joint company claims that it must be removed with scissors or a needle before proceeding.