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Nine precautions for crimp terminal crimping

Datetime: 2019-12-21    Visit: 854

First, you should fully understand the cold-pressed terminals to be operated and their operation methods to ensure correct operation; cold-pressed terminals that do not have anti-misoperation should be marked with color codes or symbols, or whether the appropriate type corresponds to the connection before connection And ensure correct positioning when connected to each other; special attention should be paid to avoid mis-mating with pin sockets, otherwise the cold-pressed terminals will be damaged and accidental electrical touch will be caused; cold-pressed terminals should be connected in place, and in special occasions that are not easy to view, Specific rules are made in the corresponding operating procedures and can be viewed through a speculum.

2. When the cold-pressed terminal is terminated, it should be terminated and checked in strict accordance with the corresponding termination specifications or requirements, and terminated according to the corresponding node number. The maximum thickness of the insulation layer between the selected cable conductors should match the distance between the touch parts, and the cable core should match the terminals of the touch parts.

3. When soldering, you should choose an electric soldering iron of the corresponding power according to the diameter of the bare wire. The welding time of each touch part generally does not exceed 5S. Care should be taken not to let the flux enter the insulator to prevent the product's insulation resistance from decreasing.

Cold-pressed terminal

Fourth, the cold-pressed terminal is in a separated state, please install a maintenance cap or adopt other dustproof methods; if the cold-pressed terminal does not leave for a long time after connecting, you can put insurance between the plug and the socket.

5. When cleaning cold-pressed terminals, you can use silk cloth dipped in absolute ethanol, and use after drying. Chemical solvents such as acetone, which may have a harmful effect on the adapter, are not allowed.

6. When the cold-pressed terminals are connected or separated, try to make the axis of the plug and the socket coincide as much as possible, and straighten the cable to avoid the effect of tangential force on the plug and the damage of the connector caused by the cable sag.

7. Before the cold-pressed terminals are properly connected or completely locked, stop the power supply.

8. In the occasion of fixing the cold-pressed terminals and clamping the wire harness, there should be anti-loosening equipment (anti-loosening screws, anti-loosening rings, fuses, etc.) when using threaded connections.

IX. The inspection and testing of cold-pressed terminals should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the relevant product specifications and operating instructions. Inspection and inspection of the used electrical connector should be carried out on the basis of the relevant product specifications and operating instructions to reduce the requirements. The tooling cold-pressed terminals used should be intact and function properly; the probe should meet the requirements of the specification, otherwise it is easy to form a plug Hole damage.

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